The stationery category has responded to the digital age with innovation after innovation.

Besides ground-breaking products, many of these advances involve services that support products.

Croxley is excited about what the future holds for stationery. Not just in the amazing number of new products we are able to access on behalf of our customers but also the way we are able to add value to them.

The company has brought many innovations to the market over the years. These include uni-ball pens, the first significant advance in writing instruments since the biro.

More recent innovations include the Warwick Product Selector, an online tool for teachers to help them specify school workbooks that meet the requirements of the curriculum. Another standout is a digital tool that lets customers format and personalise their own Customised Stationery – e.g. diaries and notebooks – online.

Aluminium covered diaries from Collins and Milford. The quirky Monteverde Writing Tool Pen. The extraordinary flexibility of BFX furniture systems. These are all examples of the change we see around us every day at Croxley.

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