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Croxley - Proudly supporting those in need

Cyclone Gita

In February 2018, Tonga was impacted by a major tropical cyclone which damaged or destroyed thousands of buildings, caused major evacuations and left 80% of Tongan homes without power.

Amongst those effected have been Tonga’s schoolchildren. In May 2018, it was reported that 29 schools will have to be rebuilt, and that 10 schools (or 1,189 students) were still using tents as temporary classrooms.

To assist those schoolchildren and their families, Croxley have donated 100 Warwick school backpacks filled with exercise books and other essential school products. We were delighted to see the accompanying photos showing happy kids receiving their packs and wish them every success in the future as their communities recover.

Manila Mission

In Manila (capital of the Philippines) there areas where families have to make the choice between school supplies and their basic human needs such as food and shelter.

Croxley were approached by a local Church planning a mission to some of these areas and provided donations of Warwick products to support the effort and help these young people in their education. It’s certainly great to see our Warwick educational products making a difference in the hands of these deserving young people.

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